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Natura Innovation Challenge, Beauty it Forward

Tech It Forward is proud to host the Natura Innovation Challenge - Beauty it Forward.

The goal of our challenge is to identify revolutionary startups and entrepreneurs focused on changing the future of beauty, wellness and consumers’ lives.


Selected startups will have the grand opportunity of collaborating, partnering and joining Natura’s innovation journey - one of the world’s leading cosmetics brands!


About Natura

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Established in 1969 in São Paulo, Brazil, Natura creates products and services that promote harmonious individual relationships with oneself, with others and with nature.

Natura & Co group, operates in more than 110 countries, with more than 3.7 thousand stores, 35 thousand employees and 8 million representatives and consultants.

Natura is united in the belief that it can both nurture beauty and relationships, as well as improve lives while leading in business and innovation. Priding ourselves in being the largest cosmetic company worldwide.

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Innovation and Products

Natura shares a deep passion for innovation. Our goal is to develop products, experiences and services that help our consumers feel confident: healthy in their own skin, and have happy and balanced relationships. We continuously strive to make this world a more beautiful and sustainable place to live.

Technology focus areas

Diagnosis, recommendation and customization of products

Natura wants to help people to enhance and maximize their experiences through AI and advanced algorithms solutions, providing customized skin and hair diagnosis, analysis, and personal care products’ recommendations.

Skin boosters and product performance

As leaders in the cosmetic world, Natura is continuously searching for new innovations and new products with excellence in performance through different ages, ethnicity, and genders.

Multi sensorial experiences

Each stimulated sense can be considered a touch point - an opportunity to create an emotional connection to the customer. For Natura, caring about customer relationship and connection is key and at the core of the company’s mission. 

Sustainability and regenerative products and experience

Natura delivers exclusive and sustainable innovation by combining the power of nature and state of the art science. The company puts it as a priority to tools, devices and other technologies to enable circular economy in order to reduce negative environment impact.

Wellness and mental health solutions

Natura's mission is to create a sense of pleasure and well-being by investing in solutions that awaken the senses and improve people's relationship with themselves, with their bodies, with others, and with the world.

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What we are looking for

  • Startups from pre-seed to Round A

  • Technology, digital and/or biotechnology-based ventures

  • Academic Research based (Spin-off candidates)

  • Products

  • Services


How startups are selected

  • Competitive advantage

  • Science, Technology and innovation

  • Fit to Natura’s innovation focus areas

  • Team’s strengths

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Program timeline

Application Submission Open



Application Deadline


Selection Results


Innovation Challenge Pitching Day


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Frequently asked questions

What is the goal of this innovation challenge?

The innovation challenge is sponsored by Natura through the Natura Campus program, in the goal to find, identify and select innovations and technology that will enhance the beauty and cosmetics industry and join Natura’s journey of sustainable, renewable and enhanced cosmetic products and brands.

What does the application process look like?

The application process starts by you filling out our form and submitting the application through our website. After applying, we will select a number of suitable startups for an interview process with our team. The selected startups will be required to prepare for the final stage of our challenge, a 15 min pitch in front of Natura’s teams.

Do we need a one-pager, deck or video?

Yes, we highly suggest adding a deck as well as a short video of your startup or demo to your application. It helps us get a better sense of how you pitch, think, demonstrate and value your product or innovation.

Who is your ideal candidate?

We are looking for early stage cosmetic, beauty, and wellness related products, innovations and technologies. We are looking for innovations in the research stage, pre-seed, and up to stage A. If you’d like to learn more about our focus areas, please take a look here.

What do I get if my team wins?

The winner will receive the opportunity to partner and collaborate with Natura’s (a multinational leading cosmetic and beauty brands with representation all across the globe) innovation and R&D business units. All finalist decks and value propositions will be shared with innovation leaders and decision makers within Natura and will have the opportunity to engage and collaborate with the organization.

How do I apply?

Application deadline is June 21st. Please apply here.

What commitments will i have to make with Natura?

If Natura is interested in establishing a partnership, the conditions will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis. There is no promise of hiring and investing if Natura does not identify solutions that adhere to its business.

How will the proposals submitted be communicated?

Natura reserves the right not to disclose selected innovations. All participants will be contacted and informed about Natura's interest in establishing a partnership. The information submitted by the participants will not be disclosed.

Can i submit confidential information?

No, if your solution is connected to Natura, an NDA will be formalized between the parties.